February 21, 2024

Nigerian artiste Opeyemi Rahim, also known as Lyta, has expressed his wish to reunite with his former music label, YBNL.

During an appearance on the Ginger Yourself Podcast,ย Lytaย clarified that his departure fromย YBNLย wasnโ€™t intentional.

He expressed:-

โ€œI want to be back with YBNL, what I did back then leaving YBNL Nation wasnโ€™t intentional. I didnโ€™t hear from Olamide before leaving and after I left, he just locked up. But Iโ€™ve spoken to him since leaving. I chatted with him via Instagram on his birthday and he responded.โ€

When asked ifย Olamideย follows him on Instagram, the โ€˜Monalisaโ€™ singer replied, โ€œNo. He is not following anybody on Instagram.โ€

Recallingย Lytaโ€˜s departure from YBNL in 2019 due to disagreements withย Olamide, he mentioned in a 2022 interview that his decision to leave was influenced by hearing negative information from friends and industry acquaintances.

He admitted, โ€œI heard a lot of things from friends and people in the industry, I didnโ€™t know who or what to believe and some people eventually got into my headโ€.

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